EnterpriseFintech is a Canadian engineering firm specializing in enterprise-grade deep cold storage solutions for digital assets (e.g. Passwords, Logins, Encryption Keys, etc).

We provide training, security audits, consulting services, and custom non-custodial offline storage solutions for individuals, family offices, law firms, and fintech companies of all sizes wishing to store digital assets securely offline for long periods of time. Our storage solutions are enterprise-grade and superior to all existing offline and USB hardware-based digital asset storage solutions currently available on the market.

EnterpriseFintech is a non-custodial solutions provider. We have absolutely no “back door” of any kind to your vault, ever.

Our clients always retain 100% control of their private keys and digital assets.

All of our vaults solutions are custom-designed and electromagnetically quarantined via Faraday Cages.